Hello again …Writing-World! COCK A DOODLE DANCE! Hits the road …

I’ve been away for GOOD REASON … I was DANCING my way through William’s County, Ohio, by way of Stryker, Bryan, Edon & Pioneer Libraries and their quaint countryside & what a Rootin’ Tootin’ time we had!! Here are a few pics to share from my 1st book-tour …

Stryker Library in Ohio ..WOO-HOO!!

Then to Edon Library to shake our 'Rooster Tails'!! Stryker Library in Ohio ..WOO-HOO!!

Then to Edon Library to shake our ‘Rooster Tails’!!

A Lap-time story time ...sooo sweet!

A Lap-time story time …sooo sweet!

book launch


Always DREAM … Always DANCE!!

– Christine Tricarico –

A special 'birthday girl'!

A special ‘birthday girl’!

Picking our perfect feathers!

Picking our perfect feathers!

A private pre-party reading ... Awww!

A private pre-party reading at Bryan Library … Awww!

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Some BIG book-updates (Kirkus Review & book-lauch)….

Cock-A-Doodle-YEE-HAW!! My 1st-ever book review & my very 1st book appearances are underway …. I’m giddy with (gulp) excitement!!

KIRKUS reviewed Cock-A-Doodle-DANCE! Although it’s not public for a few more days, here’s an excerpt:

Life on the farm is positively “Cock-a-Doodle DULL” until Rooster catches a jitterbug that starts the whole barn a shakin’ and a rollin’.

“The chickens do / the cha-cha, / as the dogs begin / ballet, / and shimmy sheep / don’t stop their / swing until / the light of day.” Barnyard beats and dancing livestock tales are a dime a dozen, but this snappy rhythm is enough to carry readers, regardless of originality. (It’s super fun to read aloud.)

YIPPEE!!! & KUDOS to my  uber-awesome illustrator, Rich Deas, as well … he really made this book FAB & FUN-tastic!!

Also, I’ve solidified my VERY 1st author appearances for Cock-A-Doodle-Dance’s book launch … double-GULP!!

I will be having a “Welcome to the World, Cock-A-Doodle-Dance!” book-launch-party on June 10th @ The Cutting Board in Warren, Mi complete with Cock-A-Doodle Dancing-lessons (given by the author…ME)! Gift & goodies, cake, punch & appetizers & a visit by the “Rooster” himself!!!

And of course the author (ME… feels amazing to be able to write that) will be there to sign copies of MY BOOK!!!

AND on June 26th @ 2:30 I will be @ the St Clair Shores Library to read Cock-A-Doodle Dance to the children & give a quick demo of the dance! I will have a book signing/sale session afterwards, as well.

May 22 is fast-approaching …. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cock-A-Doodle DANCE! And welcome into the wonderful world of words & READING!!!

Literary Love to all,

Christine Tricarico

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Prep, Pre-launch & Promos… Oh, My!!!

I’m soo sorry to all my writer & book-lover friends, for my absolute ABSENCE!!!

But it’s for good reason …I’ve been learning-the-ropes of an author with a 1ST BOOK being released (the official book’s “bday” is MAY 22 ..YIPPEE)!! And since receiving that ‘due-date’ I have been like an expectant parent readying for the arrival of their 1ST born, but instead of nesting I have been preppping, primping, printing, party-planning, promo-ing & PRing …Phew!! It certainly is exhausting & exhilarting @ the same time!!

And as promised I am going to share some book-launch lessons that I’ve learned along the way …

1. Do NOT get ahead of youself & start planning book signings, school visits, launch parties & the like BEFORE you check with your publisher!! As a 1st time author, I assumed (BAD IDEA) that I surely could pre-order my books before the public received theirs, or @ least get my author copies!? I mean what’s a mere 2 months before release date, right!? WRONG!! Here I was planning to do school visits in March AND have a launch-party in April, since my book was being released in May, but thank goodness for my ever-understanding & informative publisher! She explained to me that with warehousing & shipping depts it was a BAD idea to plan events ahead of the publishing date because ANYTHING could go wrong, IE: delays in shipping & an event without product (your BOOK) is pretty much a moot-point! Yes ANY author would be excited & antsy to get their book out into THE WORLD …but you just can NOT rush publishing, or anything great for that matter!! So, #1 lesson: Do NOT jump-the-literary-gun!!

2. DO pre-plan all that you can on your end!! And this includes: Getting all your promo-materials, such as flyers, postcards, book plates, signs, banners designed & ordered!! I LOVE vistaprint.com …I made all my materials on their site. It’s an easy to navigate site in which you can upload your book’s cover, etc., & make your own promo-items AND I’ve even received FREE items after my 1st order …they run awesome email-specials in which I have ordered 200 postcards, 50 flyers, 50 magnets, 2 t-shirts & a coffee-mug all in one order for free (except for S&H which was only 10 bucks)! WOW you can’t bet that!! So, lesson # 2: FIND FREEBIES!!

3. Lesson #3: Do NOT forget to continue to WRITE in between all of your pre-publication planning!! You must continue to write, re-write, revise your other literary works-in-progress! Simply put: If you plan on having a SECOND book then you must continue on your quest to create, perfect & polish, so you WILL have a 2nd book to share with the wonderful world of words!!!

Literary Love to all,

Christine Tricarico

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COCK-A-DOODLE-DANCE! now on amazon (for pre-order) Yee-Haw!!!

At long-last my picture book, Cock-A-Doodle-DANCE! is on AMAZON!!! Pre-order it here:


In Canada:


I am uberly over-the-moon to see my book-‘baby’ on amazon & have been a busy-book-bee with learning pre-promotional ins & outs!!!

What I CAN share with my writer friends & followers is that I’ve found vistaprint.com to be a AMAZING source for creating & printing materials, such as postcards & flyers!!! Also, Listia.com has come in handy for WINNING (yes, it’s a FREE bidding site) some items that I plan on using as give-aways to the children @ book signings, author visits (stickers, book marks, etc)!! BUT beware …this site can be a bit addictive & therefore take away from writing-time! So, everything in moderation, as the saying goes!

MORE, soon ….

Literary love to all,

Christine Tricarico

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Another youtube video …

Just a quickie to tell you about my new video on youtube …it’s a lil’ peak inside my life & some inspirations for writing! View it here …

Oh, & on a totally unrelated note:

I’m now a vista.com GROUPIE!! I’m not kidding, I created & purchased a poster & banners from them & then received FREEBIE-offers, so I made magnets, postcards, flyers, etc., all for free!! It’s a great resource for authors starting to promote their book(s)! My stuff arrived pretty promptly & came out AWESOME!

Will post more promo tid-bits as I learn them …

Literary Love

-Christine T –

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Cock-A-Doodle-DANCE! Book trailer …

Woo-hoooo … I finally have the Cock-A-Doodle-DANCE! book trailer up on youtube!! View below …


Now, just counting down the months ( 6 1/2) until it’s release!! Much work to be done & a plethora of pre-promotional planning! I WILL be posting on my many experiences as a 1st-time author turned PR planner/graphic artist/web designer/book promoter … as things progress (should be quite interesting for the computer-klutz that I am) & on a shoe-string-budget to boot!

Thank you to all my followers & fellow-writers of the world,

Christine Tricarico

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Cock-A-Doodle-DANCE! In full SWING … Coming this Spring!

See the book-cover for Cock-A-Doodle-Dance! by Christine Tricarico & Rich Deas (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan 2012) below … YAAAY-HOOO!!

CDD Jkt Final

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